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Trying to Buy a Home When You're an Entrepreneur Can Seem Impossible.

You’re self-employed and you want a house. Simple. 

What’s not always simple is defining your income.

You’ve got dividends and corporate write-downs complicating things. Explaining your income is tricky—and traditional lenders (banks) don’t like tricky.

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Being self-employed makes it tricky to find decent lenders, especially if you:

"I cut through the red tape and find the best possible lender for your situation."

3 Reasons You’re Not Getting The Mortgage You Deserve


You’re unsure how to explain your income – banks like simplicity, but your self-employed income’s complex. How will they understand what you make?


Finding a mortgage broker is easy, but getting the most based on your unique income is hard – you have a lender who’s worked through your situation’s complexity…but they’re still offering you unfair mortgage rates.


Details slip through the cracks – getting a mortgage involves a lot of paperwork. The devil’s in the details, and some are often overlooked or forgotten.

3 Ways Roop Helps Get The Most Mortgage For You


I find lenders that get you approved – I make the best possible case for your mortgage.

If you don’t qualify, mortgages from a bank aren’t the end of the line. Even if you’re self-employed with only a 10% down payment, it’s possible to get a loan from another type of lender.


I secure the rates you deserve – even with the best possible application, you might still face unfair rates.

I negotiate with lenders to get the best mortgage rate for your situation.


I ensure nothing is missed – I walk you through the process as I organize your information.

You always understand what’s going on, which gives you confidence in your application. It’s these details that get you more mortgage.

3 Things That Set Roop Apart